Diagnostic Fee (Waived For Other Services) $49

Data Back-Up (No Operating System Installed) $60

Wipe and Reload Operating System (Win 10 & Mac OS) $75

Wipe and Reload Legacy Operating System (Win 7 and older) $99

Data Back-Up and Restore (w/ Operating System Install. Does not Include Apps & Programs) Add’l $35

Virus and Malware Removal $125

Unwanted App Removal + Temp File Clean-Up $65

Operating System Repair/Overlay $85

Basic System Assembly ( No Aftermarket Cooling, Lighting, or Modular PSU) $55

Gaming System Assembly (AIO Cooler, Aftermarket Air, LED Lighting, Cable Management) $85

Advanced System Assembly (RAID Array, Server OS, Custom Cable Management) $135

Install Power Supply $35

Install Graphics Card (Desktop) $45

Laptop LCD Replacement $79

Laptop Hinge Replacement $95

Laptop Hinge Reconstruction $129

Laptop Power Jack Repair $145

Laptop Motherboard Replacement $135

Hard Drive Clone (No Partition Resizing) $60

Hard Drive Clone (With Partition Resizing and Alignment) $99

Attempted Data Retrieval From Failing HDD (Starting) $150

Hardware Transfer (Per Item) $15